We are marketing experts, helping brands grow by leveraging the power of TikTok ads, community and UGC.

We only offer what we believe will be important in the next decade!

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A decade of digital marketing experiences let us recognize trends and patterns that impact markets and consumer behavior.

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influencer, creator collabs managed (UGC)

UGC Content creation (Ad creatives)

We lean into UGC/TikTok style ad creatives as that is what is working best for paid social ads right now.

We created a service to combine UGC, internal filming and proper editing to create conversion optimized creatives for your social media ads.

What we do?

Simply, ads that convert. Product reviews, product demos, POV, purchase process, how-to-s or anything else we think might work. Any market, any budget we got you.

How we do it?

We have an ambitious team of TikTokers and video editors to produce original, conversion-optimized videos for you, following a creative strategy we put together. All hooks, attention grabbers, angles are created inhouse and tailored to your brand.

The process

1. Set-up

You send us the products and brand guidelines, and we do the rest.

2. Briefing and ad scripting

Creative strategy is based on research, positioning and data we acquired in the past.

3. Production

We finalize the material (filming, UGC, editing) so you can instantly use it in ads.

Full service TikTok ads

Our full-service-optimized-approach allows us to combine speed with our 8+ years of performance marketing experiences & get you results.

We are TikTok marketing partners, which means we have a direct line to TikTok's representatives.

1. Ad Creatives

We combine UGC, internal filming and editing to create conversion optimized creatives. This TikTok style ad creatives tend to perform really well on other channels too. This part became so popular that we started offering this as a separate service (UGC Ad creatives).

2. Media Buying

We provide ad account set up, campaign management, measuring and creative reporting. Our media buying team will optimize the campaigns on a daily basis and make sure that we are constantly making progress.

3. Spark Ads

We provide ad account set up, campaign management, measuring and creative reporting. Our media buying team will optimize the campaigns on a daily basis and make sure that we are constantly making progress.

Some of our winning ads

Community management

Proper organic profiles management and a quality newsletter will assure that your storyline is matching on all platforms and your community is in constant communication with you.

1. Instagram profile management

Trend research and being consistent is what you struggle with… but we love it. Let us take your IG profile to the next level, while making sure you are constantly active.

2. TikTok profile management

We work with TikTokers who live and breathe TikTok. We will create the strategy, make sure your brand is discovered for what it stands for and handle the regular posting.

3. Newsletter management

Email newsletters are a necessity but having the right creative approach to it makes them valuable. Our way of doing it will allow you to constantly communicate with those who love you most.

4. Brandbassador platform management

We are affiliated partners with Brandbassador, the #1 Creator Marketing Management Platform & offer management of the platform.

Our managers successfully built and managed communities of 3.000 + fans in the past. This will be your head start as we can save you time and offer experience with running things from the get go.


Want to do any of the above yourself but need a bit of guidance? We got you covered. Pick us as your consulting partners and we’ll help you build.

One time consulting

We will audit your existing campaigns, organic profiles or community strategy.

Team work

Advanced version of consulting. We become your “head of” and work with your team every week so you keep your marketing internal, with external knowledge.

Who we work(ed) with

A message from our CEO

Jure Laharnar

CEO & Co-Founder

Understanding the state of the market comes natural to me & Buzzverse was created for the NOW. Ad creative (UGC), TikTok ads & community building is what I would bet on so we built a product around it.

Our goal is to position your brand where the consumer’s attention lies in a way that it resonates with and strengthens your community.

I’m a huge fan of GaryVee & in the past 8 years he has been my inspiration and north star.

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