Event date: 26.05.2022 at 17:00 CET

Founders’ Stories & TikTok jams


Event date: 26.05.2022 at 17:00 CET

Founders’ Stories & TikTok jams


Unlocking TikTok’s Creator Economy with Community-led Growth

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MAY 26th @ 5PM CET

Creators are a big asset for companies and creator-produced-content has never been so important. This episode will focus on the practical side of the creator economy and ambassador marketing. 
Join our discussion with Thomas Adams, a serial entrepreneur and CEO / founder of Onepiece and Brandbassador.

Join us on MAY 26th at 5PM CET.


About our guest

Thomas Adams

Founder of Onepiece and Brandbassador
At 18, Thomas Adams started his entrepreneurship journey selling belt buckles and went on to found multi-million dollar fashion brand, Onepiece. All along, he understood one key to success – the power of word-of-mouth marketing which led him to create Brandbassador – an ambassador marketing tool that enables eCommerce brands to scale with community-led growth.
Fast forward to 2022 where Brandbassador is helping over 250 eCommerce challenger brands generate social buzz and drive revenue through a community of brand ambassadors. Join us as Thomas unlocks key strategies that brands like Onepiece use to succeed in new ways on TikTok.

About the topics


As people are becoming brands themselves, the creator economy is growing exponentialy. See why creators on TikTok are now building their own 8-9 figure businesses successfully, and learn how you can benefit from it.


With influencer marketing blossoming, successful brands were able to transform their best collabs into ambassador deals. This episode will be filled with insights on how to do it!


When we think about the best longterm strategies for brands, we can’t leave the word community out of discussion. You will get insights, tactics, do’s and don’ts right from “the source”.

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About the hosts

Jure Knehtl


Generated more than  €75MM of yearly revenue via digital marketing for select clients in 2021.
Jure is a serial entrepreneur and a huge inspiration in the world of e-commerce. He is aware that it takes hard work and determination to achieve anything meaningful. He lives and breathes the #mambamentality and you can sense this attitude in his work.

Jure Laharnar


Built a beauty brand from scratch with over 10.000 influencer, creator and ambassador collabs.

Lahi is a start up investor, mentor and entrepreneur obsessed with brand building and being creative. He loves working with people and helping them grow within the area they are most passionate about.

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