TikTok DOs and DONTs

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm in the last year. People who have been trapped inside their houses due to the epidemic have found entertainment in the infinite videos. TikTok's audience has increased by more than 75% in the last year! With such a large number of users, advertisers have begun to wonder, "Why TikTok?" Users spend an average of 81 minutes per day on TikTok, use the app 16 times each day, and watch 300 billion videos every month.

Ecommerce business owners that desire to present themselves on TikTok should be aware of the app’s Do’s and Don’ts.

  • DO Get Your Message Out Right Away! The user’s attention should be captured as soon as possible. The videos with the greatest CTR have a message that is delivered within the first second.

  • DO NOT wait until the end of the ad to give your message. If a user is attracted by a message, they are more likely to interact with the ad straight away.

  • DO concentrate on the sound! TikTok is completely harmless to the environment. Sounds and sights should complement one another. 

  • DO NOT use images only. Because TikTok is a sound-based platform, consumers expect a video to accompany their feed. Images can have a detrimental influence on user involvement.

  • DO get to know your target market! Keep up with the newest TikTok trends to create more relevant ads.

  • DO NOT utilize popular generic hashtags that are currently trending. You want your ads to be seen by the people you want to reach. You run the risk of your ad getting lost in a sea of videos if you include popular hashtags.

  • DO make TikToks if you haven’t already. Successful advertisements have been designed to seem like in-feed content. Users are more likely to interact with an ad that looks to have been published by a real person rather than by a company. A collection of popular TikTok adverts may be found here.

  • DO update your creative at least once every seven days, to combat ad fatigue.

  • DO NOT recycle the same content you use on other platforms, it will not work.

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