The Recipe for a Viral TikTok Ad

TikTok is addictive for two reasons:

The first is the constant thrill of not knowing what you’ll get next but knowing it’ll be excellent. It’s as if you’re addicted to dopamine and can’t get enough of it.

The power of music is the second factor.

Our emotional brain is greatly influenced by music. This is why TikTok has such a long-lasting effect on your memory after you’ve watched it. Music has the capacity to bring back memories for days, weeks, or even months after you hear it. It’s on the verge of transforming your life. The incorporation of music, the things you may learn on TikTok in a matter of seconds or minutes have lasting value.

Ads on TikTok: Best Practices

Let’s take a look at TikTok ad tactics and best practices.

Some marketing practices from the past are still applicable. Your marketing plan should always change to fit the platform it will be used on, but the basics shouldn’t change. The same direct-response ideas and attention-grabbing or scroll-stopping methods that worked on Facebook and Instagram will work here as well. All you have to do now is adapt their execution to the TikTok platform and make it seem completely natural to the TikTok user experience. Ad techniques like having a shock element or linking to a human situation are still effective.

It used to be common knowledge that you had to get someone’s attention in the first three seconds. The world has changed with Tiktok. You have only one second left to stop the scrolling.

You must not only capture a user’s attention in the first second, but you must also guarantee that your video seems natural to TikTok in that first second in order for them to continue watching.

TikToks that feature a celebrity or influential person do very well, as long as they don’t look fake, which is the case on most social media sites. In fact, the more relatable, honest, real, and human your advertisements are, the better. Most of the time, it’s a good idea on TikTok to show a person or a person’s face.

The recipe for a viral ad

Let’s face it: you’ve come to learn how to make popular TikTok videos.

Every specialty has its own viral ad recipe. It won’t be the same everywhere since what goes viral is mostly determined by who is causing it to become viral, i.e. who engages with your ads. Some viral trends or principles work for particular items but not for other products or brands. Incorporating a popular TikTok dance in a shoe commercial, for example, will be more relevant than employing a before-and-after make-over transition.

That’s why you shouldn’t just mimic TikTok trends at face value.

It’s critical to consider your demography. For example, if your target population is older, the highly fast-paced Gen Z sort of comedy will not be appropriate for your commercial.

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Ads that go viral in different ways

These are the most common forms of TikTok advertising that goes viral:

  • Demonstrations (product)

  • Transformations (before and after)

  • Videos that pique your interest or pique your curiosity in the first second

  • Content that is profound or contentious

  • Content that is amusing

  • Content based on current events (although be careful because this ride can be short-lived).

  • TikTok trends

  • Popular sounds

How to take Advantage of TikTok's Trends

This number of trend cycles has never been witnessed before in the history of the globe! Trends on TikTok come and go in droves.

Trends on TikTok are also spreading outside of the app, affecting music, fashion, comedy, communication, art, dance, marketing, and other fields.

However, especially on TikTok, trends have a short duration. They usually only stay for four to seven days.

It’s critical to remain on top of trends as a marketer so that you can use them in your commercials. Jumping on every trend, on the other hand, will not take you very far.

It’s critical that your content team can tell the difference between an uprising trend and one that has been there for a while. To comprehend these tendencies, it boils down to becoming a frequent user of the platform. You’re already behind if you’re looking for “what’s popular on TikTok?” on Google. If you want to keep on top of things, do your market study on TikTok.

Trends have the ability to transcend demographics and specializations, which is a wonderful thing. As a result, trend-related material has a lot of potential for gathering traction and going viral. When you spot a trend that relates to your product, keep in mind that your ad will expire as soon as the trend’s relevancy fades.

The major takeaway from trends is that they may be quite effective at getting your ad viewed by a larger audience, but their lifespan may be shorter than intended.

How to Go Viral with a Popular Sound

We found this method to be incredibly effective. It’s referred to as “sound hunting.” In other words, search TikTok for sounds or songs with the potential to go viral within the next 72 hours.

It’s all about spotting a new sound before it becomes popular. In the following steps:

Scroll through the For You page for around 45 minutes to an hour. Take note of the sounds in each TikTok you come across. To learn more about the sound, hover your mouse over the spinning record in the bottom right corner.

Take note of how many videos have utilized this sound. The ideal number of videos is between 1,000 and 5,000. The sound is still usable if it has over 10,000 videos, but the algorithm has already identified it as a trending sound. Start going through the top 15 to 30 videos that feature that sound and take note of when they were posted. You know the sound has the ability to make your creatives go viral if they were all posted in less than 16 hours (even better if they were all posted in less than 4 hours).

This system functions in the same way as the stock market does. You want to get in on a sound while it’s “cheaper” (it has fewer videos) before everyone else does. Because once everyone jumps on a hot sound, it loses its value, and your chances of getting viral become very limited.  Since you used a sound that is still new and growing in popularity, the system sees your video as a “trend starter” and shares it with new For You Pages.

The more videos that use the sound after you use it, the more likely your video will become viral.

Keep in mind that this method is most effective in the United States, where the majority of TikTok users reside. Trending sounds arrive in other nations later than they do in the United States.

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