Don’t Make These 9 Mistakes in TikTok Ads

When you decide to run Tiktok ads, you must keep up with the latest trends, be adept at conversions, and think analytically. You'll also need tough skin, fast reactions, and a full commitment to your ad campaigns. We could go all day discussing what media buyers should do to create effective ad campaigns, but we would rather teach you about the 9 media buying mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Realizing How The Role Of The Media Buyer Ultimately Benefits Your Brand.

Ecommerce business owners frequently think of their media buyer as just that: a media buyer. This is a dilemma, especially if you rely on ads on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to earn a profit. Instead, think of them as the controller for your marketing department. They “propose” where ad budget should be spent on your performance team.

2. Your Media Buyer Is Not Contributing In The Creative Workflow

Every media buyer should have a thorough understanding of the targeted messaging. Working closely with the creative strategists, designers, and copywriters is critical. Ecommerce business owners who do not let advertisers engage in the creative process are making a tremendous mistake.

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3. You Aren't A/B Testing At Least 10 Distinct Variants Of Your Facebook And Tiktok Ads.

If you don’t run A/B tests on your ads, you’re effectively announcing that you believe this one is the best. It’s a dangerous route to adopt since it will lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources. Testing on a variety of levels will provide you with tens of thousands of opportunities to learn and progress. Ads may be tested at various levels, including campaign, ad set, creative, and ad account.

4. Not properly establishing a budget

If you’re not careful, your budget might be drained in a single day, or your bids could be so low that your ads never reach your target market. Strive for progressive sales over a long period of time to receive the best return for your marketing money in the long term.

5. Not Using Hyros’ Last Click ROAS To Measure Performance

TikTok and Facebook Ads Managers’ return on investment (ROI) estimates aren’t usually accurate. Use the Hyros addon to get a more detailed overview of how your campaign is performing. In Hyros, check at the Last Click Report for a more in-depth look at campaign results.

6. Targeting a Highly Specific Audience

When you target a highly specific demographic on Facebook, such as English-speaking men aged 18 to 24 who reside in Berlin, the algorithm is unable to execute its job efficiently. It’s preferable to reach out to a diverse group of people with a variety of interests and ages.

7. Shutting Campaigns Down Too Early

If you end a campaign too soon, you’ll miss out on important data and waste money. Instead of abruptly stopping a campaign that appears to be failing, make tiny adjustments to continue testing. It’s not uncommon for your audience to not respond to your ads on the wrong day of the week.

8. Not Checking On Your Campaigns At Least 5x Per Day

Throughout the day, check your accounts often (5 times at least) and make adjustments to your approach as needed. When you get up every morning, you should be able to predict how much each campaign will generate by the end of the day. Media buyers should treat their ad campaigns as if they were their own children, specifically toddlers.

9. Analyzing the Wrong Metrics

To draw conclusions from data, you must first determine which KPIs or criteria your ad should meet. Reach, impressions, engagement, and ad frequency are all measures that may help you determine how well your ads connect with or engage your target audience. How effective an ad is determined by the amount of benchmarks it can hit out of the five indications we’re looking at. A three-out-of-five rating means that the ad has potential.

Because we’re all human, we all make errors. Therefore, it’s critical to learn from them and develop based on what you’ve learned. We consider our e-commerce business owners to be superstars at BUZZVERSE, but we also recognize that they are simply human and may make errors. Don’t allow your errors to get the best of you; instead, get back up and overcome them!

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