7 Case Studies of TikTok Ad Success, That Could Be YOU!

TikTok right now is a great opportunity for companies to get underpriced advertising and boost their sales and awareness. Let's take a look how these companies managed to do that, so you can learn from them and do it with your own company.

1. Mejuri

The Objective

Inviting in additional buyers throughout the holiday season.

Mejuri, a fine jewelry manufacturer, sought to maximize its online retail sales and conversion rates during its annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. For the whole month of November, the company heavily promoted itself across different platforms, with a focus on TikTok to reach consumers and new audiences in the 13-54 year old female market.

The Solution

Maximizing bottom-of-the-funnel impact with TikTok’s new Dynamic Showcase Ads.

TikTok advertising has been a constant for Mejuri since the company sees it as the best way to reach its target audience. TikTok was originally viewed as a discovery channel to aid in the brand’s upper funnel goals of expanding its audience. Mejuri, however, collaborated with its TikTok client team to investigate how the platform’s new Dynamic Showcase Ads would aid in achieving conversion targets at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Advertisers offering a wide variety of consumer items might benefit greatly from TikTok’s Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA). Mejuri, like other e-commerce platforms, may utilize DSA to expand its consumer base and reconnect with those who have shown interest. Mejuri was able to boost the likelihood of a purchase by matching the correct product with the right TikTok user through the partnership’s utilization of thousands of videos.

Mejuri employed a wide range of content types, including professional and user-generated videos, as well as reviews of products, unboxing videos, product ideas, and user-generated material. Ad material was developed in collaboration with several TikTok producers to ensure that every user would discover at least one video that spoke to them and that no two videos were alike.

Mejuri was able to test and learn about the new product by combining In-Feed Video with Sparks Ads and DSA. This allowed Mejuri to see how DSA may help them achieve lower-funnel conversion targets at a reasonable cost. For the mega sale, Mejuri also employed a variety of targeting strategies to get their ads in front of as many people as possible, including wide targeting, interest and behavior targeting (such as fashion and beauty), lookalike audiences, and retargeting.

The Results

Shining success

When combined with a TikTok Marketing Partner’s service, like in Mejuri’s campaign, DSA becomes an exceptional solution for conversion efforts. When compared to traditional In-Feed Video, DSA achieved a remarkable 49.2 percentage point reduction in cost per acquisition while simultaneously increasing Conversion Rate by 3.2%. While Mejuri first approached TikTok with the intention of achieving top-of-the-funnel goals, DSA demonstrated that TikTok’s unique blend of advertising options yields bottom-of-the-funnel success.

2. Paint Your Life

The Objective

Reducing the cost of action

Israeli web business Paint Your Life creates personalized paintings for customers. Over 300 expert painters are available to turn pictures into paintings on the site. Clients of Paint Your Life receive their paintings in less than two weeks after ordering, and they often serve as the perfect, emotionally-charged, custom-made gift.

Paint Your Life has been using TikTok for more than a year, and in that time they have witnessed the platform’s significant influence as a performance medium. The entire potential of TikTok as a performance medium, however, was recognized. Since a reduced cost per acquisition would lead to greater sales, that was the primary focus.

The Solution

Enhanced performance by the introduction of Value-Based Optimization.

As a performance advertiser, Paint Your Life is dedicated to finding ways to reduce expenses at all times and is excited to try out any new tools that TikTok may roll out. As soon as the option became available, they decided to try out Value-Based Optimization for Web conversion advertisements. The goal of VBO is to assist marketers in locating target audiences that are likely to result in a higher average order value. As opposed to standard online conversion advertisements, which can only optimize for Complete Payment events, VBO web ads will actively seek out not just users who are more likely to execute a buy action, but also users who have a greater potential value per purchase.

Paint Your Life not only came up with a novel marketing strategy, but also a novel artistic method for promoting TikTok videos. TikTok’s ad campaigns have consistently featured content with the slogan “Celebrate the moments that mean most.” As a result, the TikTok videos feature authentic events from the lives of their clientele, who recorded the reactions of their loved ones upon receiving the paintings as gifts.

The Results

Reducing CPA and increasing ROAS.

When combined with optimization and targeting efforts, VBO reduced CPA by 12% month over month, exceeding internal standards established by Paint Your Life. Direct effects on company performance may be seen in the 18% MoM growth in Return On Ad Spend and the 126% growth in purchase volume. Investing effort into creative production also proved effective as the average watch time was almost 9 seconds, which demonstrates high audience engagement.

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3. Y.O.U Beauty

The Objective

Exposure and revenue to skyrocket in the run-up to Christmas 2021.

The HEBE Beauty Group is behind the global beauty label Y.O.U Beauty. In keeping with its “Long-Lasting Beauty” brand concept, Y.O.U. Beauty is dedicated to making cutting-edge beauty products available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Y.O.U Beauty caters to customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines by stocking a wide variety of cosmetics, skincare, body care, and beauty products.

Y.O.U Beauty hoped to increase its brand awareness and revenue during the holiday season of 2021 by releasing a new product, Y.O.U Radiance White Nourishing Serum. They realized that advertising on TikTok would be a great way to reach new audiences and generate buzz about their upcoming product launch, so they shifted their focus there.

The Solution

Making a special Christmas song for advertising purposes

With the holiday shopping season in mind, Y.O.U Beauty came up with the idea of a Branded Hashtag Challenge campaign using the snappy hashtag #GlowingXmaswithYOU. Fuse Adventures in Audio, an official TikTok Sound Marketing Partner, collaborated with Y.O.U Beauty to produce the original jingle.

For the campaign’s premiere, ten of the most popular creators in the Philippines were asked to help spread the word. Prizes like iPad minis, special edition Christmas boxes, and brand new products attracted a large following on TikTok.

The Results

Sparking amazing user involvement that far outstripped expectations

During the fly time of the campaign, 79 million videos views were recorded in the Philippines as part of Y.O.U Beauty’s #GlowingXmaswithYOU initiative. The user-generated material was also above what was expected, with several individuals showing off their brand-new Y.O.U. items. Prizes were also a huge success in encouraging others to take part.

In a nutshell, Y.O.U. Beauty ran a phenomenal holiday campaign that generated a stupendous level of user interest and involvement in a short amount of time.

The combination of the TikTok Branded Effect and the Hashtag Challenge is a novel approach to advertising that has the added benefit of generating substantial user interaction.

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4. Dear Me Beauty

The Objective

Creating demand for brand new items and spreading the word about them

Dear Me Beauty is an Indonesian beauty brand aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 44 that was founded in 2017. The company’s products are verified as cruelty-free. Dear Me Beauty is an established marketer on TikTok, and they routinely collaborate with regional content artists to provide interesting advertising and authentic videos. Product demos, beauty suggestions, skincare instructions, and interactions with brand followers are commonplace among the company’s branded assets. Dear Me Beauty’s TikTok commercials are fun, educational, and feel much like native content on the platform.

The Solution

Starting time-sensitive promotions on TikTok Shopping

Dear Me Beauty has introduced time-sensitive sales incentives for its best-selling goods as part of its 2021 Single’s Day Mega Sales campaign. It relied on TikTok Shopping, an e-commerce platform integrated into the TikTok app that lets users sell goods and services straight from their accounts. Dear Me Beauty’s items were promoted to TikTok audiences using In-Feed Video Ads, live streams, and a product showcase tab on the brand’s profile page, all of which were powered by TikTok Shopping’s built-in algorithm. Dear Me Beauty was able to increase its total engagement on its TikTok account, resulting in more followers and profile visits, with the support of the TikTok Ads Manager and the In-Feed Ads that the platform allows for easy creation, management, and optimization.

Within TikTok Shopping, Dear Me Beauty was able to employ many tools that further contributed to its campaign success. One example is how the Product Card made it simple to learn more about highlighted goods without ever having to leave the app. Users may go directly from the feed’s content to the brand’s TikTok Shop with a click of the Product Card. This swift change simplified the shopping experience for customers, which increased conversion rates. TikTok’s native ad format, Spark Ads, was utilized by Dear Me Beauty to promote both the brand’s own organic uploads and the videos of creators with whom they collaborated through In-Feed Ads. Dear Me Beauty’s advertisements resonated with consumers because they made it easy to learn about the brand’s limited-time offers and see exactly how much money they might save by making a purchase during the campaign. Dear Me Beauty was able to increase awareness of its brand and products by using Spark Ads to create ads that blended in with native TikTok video.

The Results

As a result, many items on its online stores have sold out.

More than 59 thousand individuals were exposed to the brand’s advertising strategy on TikTok, which resulted in over 1,000 profile visits, engagements, and follows. In addition, Dear Me Beauty’s ad campaign resulted in a 27x return on ad spend (ROAS) and the entire stockout of certain goods from the company’s online stores.

Dear Me Beauty’s campaign benefited greatly from TikTok Shopping’s suite of features, which helped drive both brand awareness and purchases by directing users straight to the company’s online stores. To reiterate TikTok’s efficacy as a potent ecosystem that helps companies optimize monetisation efficiency from advertisements to sales, the company was able to increase sales with the support of TikTok Shopping, even during a very competitive sales season.

5. Rattix

The Objective

Increasing visibility on TikTok as a brand

Rattix, an Italian vehicle dealer, takes great satisfaction in having a novel and innovative name in the market. Rattix, formerly known as Ratti Auto, turned to TikTok as part of its goal to rebrand and expand its name recognition.

The Solution

Increasing their fan base with the use of SparkAds.

Since Rattix already had an established presence on TikTok (via the production of original content and the usage of trending hashtags and challenges to attract and retain viewers), it made perfect sense for the firm to utilize Spark Ads to reach users who weren’t familiar with the brand.

Spark Ads are a form of In-Feed Advertising that promotes naturally occurring videos to a specific audience. Using employees in TikToks in a creative and amusing way helped Rattix to promote themselves as an unique car dealership, showcasing the wide variety of automotive items on offer.

Using the conversion target, Rattix was able to boost its visibility on the platform and direct users to its website.

The Results

Standing out in the automobile industry.

The success of Rattix’s new brand identity launch campaign can be attributed in large part to the company’s dedication to creating content that is natural to the TikTok platform, as well as a savvy sponsored approach. The redesigned website had over 28 million views and 117 thousand clicks.

In addition, Rattix attracted over 23,000 new followers on TikTok, expanding its reach and providing it with a competitive advantage.

6. Sleep Town

The Objective

Creating demand for the goods and luring new customers to the merchant sites of the brand

SleepTown is a company that sells directly to customers online and focuses on offering eco-friendly, high-quality mattresses at factory-direct pricing for hotels. Its experience centers also let clients try out SleepTown beds before buying. The brand wanted to take advantage of TikTok’s massive user base to spread the word about its Cooling Mattress products and attract new customers to SleepTown’s merchant sites like Lazada and Shopee.

The Solution

Achieving record sales with innovative Spark ads

The goal of SleepTown’s campaign was to inform viewers about the benefits of its products in a new and engaging way before the 11.11 Mega Sales season. In order to cash in on the popularity of period dramas, the company behind the product in question developed a series of comedic, narrative-driven commercials set in ancient China. The SleepTown mattresses’ advantages were shown by means of a number of comical situations. SleepTown used Spark Ads, a native TikTok ad format that lets businesses promote their organic posts or the films of artists as In-Feed Ads, to increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. With the help of Spark Ads, SleepTown was able to give its campaign a more natural and native TikTok feel, strengthening connections with existing customers and encouraging new TikTok users to check out the brand.

The Results

Hitting record highs in sales!

The brand’s sales hit an all-time high in November 2021, when the campaign as a whole was viewed by more than 2.6 million people and reached 360 thousand people. Demonstrating the power of creators and word-of-mouth marketing on TikTok, viewers who tagged their friends in the comments section as a way to share the videos with their social circles were crucial in helping SleepTown to widen its campaign’s extensive reach and encourage more authentic audience conversations. And there’s no extra expense to the company!

The new creative campaign for SleepTown used TikTok to promote the brand in a lighthearted manner while offering instructional material in a way that was both memorable and engaging. The brand’s campaign success emphasizes the value of strong narrative in developing powerful TikTok advertising. Effects, texts and execution techniques are just some of many ways SleepTown expanded their ad language and plot to create rich grounds for real and engaging discussions to develop amongst the TikTok community.

7. Checkin

The Objective

Increasing exposure and sales by attracting new fans.

A group of former Meetup members saw a need for deeper, more meaningful one-on-one interaction around life’s common struggles, and so they created Checkin. Reaching out to those who could benefit from one-on-one interactions with a sympathetic peer was their primary objective. They wanted to see whether they could save money while getting more people to download their app through the use of TikTok.

The Solution

Using Instant Page as a tool for customer engagement and conversion

In order to engage and convert interested people at a greater percentage per interaction, Checkin used the Instant Page, a lightweight native landing page that loads up to 11 times quicker than traditional mobile sites. The immediate page increased engagement by a factor of 2, which in turn cut their cost per acquisition in half. Spark Ads, a native ad style that allows marketers to emphasize organic TikTok postings generated by other creators, was another way they partnered with influential users to target people who would be more likely to interact with their content.

Checkin followed TikTok’s recommended creative practices by keeping their TikTok movies short (between 9 and 22 seconds), using native editing tools like TikTok fonts, TikTok quick cuts, etc., and focusing on conveying their objective of connecting individuals who have similar life experiences.

The Results

A 1.5x increase in followers, 7,000% increase in conversions, and a million in impressions.

Checkin’s TikTok following has grown by a factor of 1.5 after the company began advertising there and encouraging user engagement. In just 30 days, they saw over 7,000 conversions and over a million total campaign impressions.

A 41 percent conversion rate validated the market’s demand for a peer-to-peer assistance network and inspired their future creative approach to sustainably attract high-quality visitors while reducing overhead to a minimum.

With all these success stories, you really don’t have an excuse to not start your TikTok journey today! So contact us now and let’s create a future case study for your company together!

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