Creativity brings out our playful side in an effective manner. It makes things fun and that’s how we love it.


We are all about that action when it comes to bringing results. Attitude is super important and we make sure ours is war ready.

#street smart

Buzzverse always thinks and acts in a practical way, our moves are experience based.


Ambition is priceless, it allows us to remain humble and focused on the bigger picture.


Kindness only works if it includes honesty. We always give sincere feedback but in a kind manner.

Our story

In the past 8 years our founders have all worked in performance marketing, on more than 150 projects, spending more than 50MM in social media ads.

We created Buzzverse in the beginning of 2022, with a goal to help companies leverage the change TikTok brought by offering TikTok ads.

Our ability to listen to the market and learn fast resulted in refocusing and expanding our services by the end of 2022.

From now on we are focused on ad creative, community management & still offer Tiktok ads full service.

Our mission

Enabling brands to outsource their ad creative production, community building or marketing on TikTok.

Our workstyle

In addition to our small but experienced team of strategists & managers we work with selected creators, TikTokers and video editors.

We mentor the people that help us with a hybrid model that combines outsourcing and consulting. We only work with a few clients at a time.

A message from our CEO

Jure Laharnar

CEO & Co-Founder

Understanding the state of the market comes natural to me & Buzzverse was created for the NOW. Ad creative (UGC), TikTok ads & community building is what I would bet on so we built a product around it.

Our goal is to position your brand where the consumer’s attention lies in a way that it resonates with and strengthens your community.

I’m a huge fan of GaryVee & in the past 8 years he has been my inspiration and north star.

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